Frankie Goodrich III (born June 30, 1982) is an American singer/songwriter and versatile musician from Raleigh, North Carolina. No stranger to the regional and national music scene, Frankie has been the front man and focal point of several music projects since 2000 such as Kepteclectic, Cool Kid Collective and now his solo project. frankie goodrich, raleigh, beatbox, baltimore While you may have seen one-man-band shows before, you have never seen the likes of what he can do with a guitar, his mouth and modern technology. A recording artist and national tour-hound, he has been widely accepted in many markets due to the influences of hip-hop, rock, r&b, soul and metal found in his music. A huge fan of music himself from a young age, Frankie developed his own unique style from the influences of such artists as Wu Tang Clan, Sublime, Nirvana, etc. The feeling of familiarity is present throughout his music and will have the listener singing along in no time. While the use of Loop Stations have become more and more prominent among today’s top solo artists, few are able to accomplish what you can expect to see at a Frankie Goodrich show. He builds each song from the ground up, in seconds. Before you even know what hit you, Goodrich will have layered a dozen elements of rock, rap, pop and soul, all using his mouth and his guitar. He seamlessly moves through a dynamic set list of his own original music and a collection of classics you might recognize, but which he has made all his own. It is truly something you have to see to believe. Fortunately, he tours the US tirelessly…so chances are he’ll be coming through your area to rock a party, concert or festival. If you can’t make it to a live show, ¬†Google or search Frankie Goodrich on YouTube.

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